Do You Even Blog Presents...

The Affiliate Workshop

Let me show you how to run affiliate marketing campaigns that make money.


What if tomorrow you could send out an email that makes $500?

Imagine how different your life would look if your affiliate links started getting more clicks and making more money. What would an extra $100-$2,000 next month do for your blog/business?

Think it can’t be done?

Well, with the “traditional” approach to affiliate marketing, it probably can’t.

In this workshop, I’m going to show you what’s changed, and walk you through how to create and execute affiliate marketing campaigns that’ll make you money—even with a small audience.

No more joining every affiliate program under the sun.

No more creating 598 Pretty Link URLs and inserting them in every blog post.

No more waiting for people to find your blog and earn you affiliate referrals.

Hi, I'm Pete.

When I started Do You Even Blog, my family of four was living on zero income (I had just been let go from a small startup who didn’t have the funds to pay me). 😢

You could say I was forced into monetizing my blog from day one—so I did what most bloggers do…

I started pumping out content (I’d argue “good” content, too).

I joined Amazon’s affiliate program, ConvertKit’s affiliate program, Bluehost’s & Siteground’s affiliate programs, and a handful of others.

I used Pretty Links and started inserting affiliate links everywhere.

But even as my traffic increased—my affiliate links brought in basically nothing. Why?

Raise your computer mouse if this sounds familiar…

  • You discovered blogging, and discovered affiliate marketing.
  • You read blog posts & bought online courses & joined 17 private Facebook groups.
  • You joined affiliate programs, focused on growing blog traffic, and maybe even wrote some review posts w/ affiliate links.
  • You made little-to-no earnings.
  • Repeat.

The result of all that?

“My audience isn’t big enough yet.”

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably told yourself that before.


Telling myself that felt correct—but it turns out it just wasn’t true.

So what was the turnaround?

(It wasn’t a bigger audience)

It kinda happened by accident.

Through the natural course of using (and discovering) products I needed in my own life, I found 2-3 affiliates that my audience didn’t expect (or know of), including SmarterQueue, CloudApp, & every blogger’s favorite, Bluehost). ❤️❤️❤️

AND I took a completely different approach to promoting. An active approach to affiliate marketing.

And it worked.

With less than 7,000 views/month on my blog and an email list of around 750 people, I began earning between $200-400 a month in affiliate referrals.

(It’s continued to scale with my audience size as well. Currently averaging $1.5k as of June 2019. Woot!)

Question: Is knowledge what’s actually limiting you?

You probably seen enough content and taken enough courses to understand what affiliate marketing is, and how it can make you money.

You might even be a part of awesome affiliate programs already and/or have your Pretty Links set up.

So is it a lack of knowledge that’s currently limiting your earnings?

Probably not. It’s far more likely that you need…

  • a proven strategy
  • an executable plan
  • hand-holding to make sure you focus, follow-through, and implement what you’ve learned.


The Affiliate Workshop

From Do You Even Blog

Not an online course.

A 4-week interactive workshop where we’ll identify your best-fit affiliate brands, learn modern affiliate sales techniques, then execute a promotion strategy that makes you money.

Online courses are for learning. Workshops are for action.

Yes, you’ll definitely learn a few new things in this workshop, but our primary focus is on implementation.

Our interactive environment is broken down into 3 steps every week:

  1. Learn.
  2. Implement.
  3. Get support & feedback.

By the time our 4 weeks are over, you will have executed a new affiliate marketing promotion, and made referrals.

If you don’t get at least one affiliate referral, there’s a mandatory 100% refund on the workshop.

Here’s what we’ll be doing over 4 weeks.

Weekly Live-Training

Once a week you’ll attend a 1-hour group call on Zoom–where we’ll lay out the strategies and walk you through your weekly assignments, step by step.

Weekly Small Group

Questions? Need ideas or feedback? Just need to chat it out? Each week we’ll have a 1-hour group call where you can show up, get work done (literally. We’ll take action on the call) and get instant support.

Weekly Assignment

Each week you’ll complete a homework assignment that’ll push you to affiliate marketing success. It ain’t busy work, and there’s a $25 consequence if you don’t do the work (details below)

Unlimited 1-on-1 Support

To make sure you’re on track to execute, you’ll have 1-on-1 access to Pete via Voxer. (A real-time voice messaging app)

The “blogging world’s most honest money-back promise or we’ll delete our entire site” guarantee.

(This is important. Read carefully)

I want to be very clear–this workshop is set up to make you succeed. YES, we DO guarantee your success, but only if you do the work.

If you complete all 4 assignments and don’t make at least one affiliate referral during 4-week workshop, there’s a mandatory money-back refund.

If you do not complete all the assignments, there is no refund.

Here’s the weekly breakdown.


Choose affiliate brands that work

Sound simple? It’s not.

There could be a good reason why your current affiliates aren’t converting like you want them to.

It’s 2019, and more and more bloggers in your niche are creating websites, selling products, and pushing affiliates.

The point?

It’s more important than ever that you choose the right affiliates. Affiliates that…

  • make sense for your audience
  • you’re passionate about and/or have direct experience with
  • aren’t overpromoted!
  • etc.

In week one, we’ll walk through how to identify, find, and work with partners that have a higher chance of success for your blog.

In fact, you’ll be making a large list of these companies and products and choosing one to focus on first.

Assignment: An “Aff Tracker” filled with enough brands to experiment with over the next year, as well as one to focus on now.


Craft the strategy

Wait, we don’t just apply for programs then copy/paste affiliate links into our blog posts?

Nope! A+ affiliate campaigns are built on selling, not hope.

Don’t let the word “selling” frighten you. It won’t feel like selling, and won’t seem that way to your audience, either.

This week, you’ll be crafting a well-rounded promotion strategy that you’ll then execute in week’s 3 and 4.

Put your thinking cap on—we’ll be coming up with a metric ton of interesting, different, stupid, and moonshot ideas this week. 😃

Assignment: An outlined and detailed promotion plan for the next two weeks (that you can also recycle and improve upon over and over again).


Produce content and prepare promotions

The truth is, nobody buys anything without figuring out how it will benefit their life.

And how does your audience figure that out? From recommendations, examples, and stories from your content.

  • Podcasts
  • Blog posts
  • YouTube videos
  • Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram
  • more more more more.

We’re leaving nothing to chance during this workshop.

You’ll be learning exactly how to present your affiliates in such a way that makes your readers fumble with their keywords trying to buy products.

Assignment: A metric ton of content across multiple channels, prepped and ready for promotion.


Execute and get sales $$$

You’ve learned enough, and produced enough content—it’s time to hit “send,” “publish,” and “Transfer to my bank account.”

This week you’ll be your own “boots on the ground,” preaching the gospel of your affiliates, answering any questions your audience may have, and getting sales.

The last steps we’ll be taking together are:

  • Quickly recapping everything you’ve learned and implemented.
  • Hashing out what to improve upon next time
  • Setting a 90-day game plan for going forward.

Assignment: A documented recap of what you’ve learned and what to improve, and a written 90-day game plan.

We'll follow the same format each week.


Live-Training Group Call

The Zoom call will be at 9pm Eastern Time. There will be replays available, but you are expected to watch them in full!


Brainstorm, Work & Support Call

The Zoom call will be at 4pm Eastern Time. There will be replays available, but you are expected to watch them in full!

You’ll watch as we lay out the strategy and walk through the action steps.


Private Slack Group

This is for the current workshop cohorts only! No alums, no outsiders, just you and your peers of affiliate marketers.


1-on-1 voicechat with Pete

Voxer is a free voice-messaging app where you can get quick answers to your questions and nearly instant support from Pete (except in the middle of the night. I’ll respond in the morning 😉)

Cost of the workshop: $100.

But can I take away the risk for you?

Here's our 100% money-back guarantee:

If you don't get an affiliate referral, we'll give your money back.

1 of 3 things will happen.

Outcome A

You don’t apply for this Affiliate Workshop.

You keep doing what you’ve been doing, and you’ll never know if this could transform your blog and business.

Outcome B

You DO apply & join the Affiliate Workshop.

You do all the work, but don’t see any results. We give you 100% of your money back.

Outcome C

You DO apply & join the Affiliate Workshop.

You do the work, get sales, and now have a repeatable framework for launching and scaling affiliate marketing campaigns 👍

Look, if I, Pete McPherson, solely wanted to make $1,000,000 as quickly as possible–I’d just keep creating online courses.

Workshops are different.

I’ve designed this workshop to not only teach you something, but get you real-world results.

And in terms of price, I’ve made it absolutely risk-free.

If you can commit to the work and commit to your business, together we will execute a profitable affiliate marketing campaign (else the 100% money-back madatory refund).

If you can commit, this is a no-brainer.

Who is this workshop best for?

This workshop will provide the highest ROI for intermediate-to-advanced bloggers.


This is NOT for you if...

  • Your blog is brand new
  • You have less than 500 email subscribers
  • You have less than 5,000 views/month
  • You haven’t made any money from your blog yet.

If that’s you, it’s ok! But your time will best be spent elsewhere, growing your traffic and getting a solid body of content up!

This is TOTALLY for you if...

  • You’ve been blogging for more than 6-12 months
  • You have between 500 and 5,000 email subscribers
  • You have between 5,000 and 50,000 views/month
  • You’re already generating a bit of income from your blog

If that’s you–The Affiliate Workshop should be a game-changer!

Enrollment is currently closed.

Waitlist? Nope.

These workshops are for DYEB members only. You can join that email list on the homepage.